Terese Mörtvik

Plus Size Punk Princess Outfit
Plus Size Princess
Because all work and no play is silly. 
Comfortable in Jeans
Comfortable in Jeans
From casual to downright comfy - a simple pair of light blue jeans can be a girl's best friend. Maybe not that time of the month, but at other times. Which is your favorite look of these three? Mine depends on the day of course, but I'd probably go with the first one. Gotta love those blazers.
And yes, I missed my #Blogg100 post yesterday, because chaos, but you'll get two today instead. :)
Casual Gray Outfit
Casual Prep
Vissa skulle kalla mig för shopaholic. Och de skulle möjligen ha rätt. Polyvore är därmed kanske inte bästa stället att hänga på för mig, men å andra sidan så hjälper det suget lite när man i alla fall får plocka ihop enm outfit, även om den inte ska inhandlad. Fönstershopping 3.0.
In English
Some people would call me shopaholic. Some people would be right. Probably. Polyvore may therefore not be the best place to hang, but on the other hand, I actually think putting together fantasy outfits helps with the pull, just a little bit. Window shopping 3.0.