Terese Mörtvik

Fat Tuesday,Blogg100 & Music
Completely missed Fat Tuesday yesterday. Not that I didn't know it was Fat Tuesday, I was just too stressed out to go get a Semla anywhere. Got a couple today instead. Don't figure it matters really, seeing as how I'm not exactly going to fast either way.
Today #Blogg100 starts up. It's this thing where bloggers in Sweden make a sort of pact to post at least once in their blog every single day, for 100 days. It was started by Fredrik Wass over at bisonblog.se You can still choose to participate if you want. Today is the first day of posting, but usually people jump on and off for the rest of the year and have their own start-stop dates. The important thing is to get you writing, that's all.
Remember how I posted a (kinda) musicvideo a few days ago? I'm thinking of maybe doing some poetry or something next. I don't want to post too many covers and I still don't have any original work ready to play live. I'm used to creating music digitally, not on a piano. But I did get a piano last year, so I really should give it more of a go. At some point, I'm sure I will. 
Anyway, it's that time of the month, and I'm kinda beat and thinking of an early night. I just need to get an image up on Instagram. After I've re-edited it, unless I can find which old Lightroom catalogue contains it. Wish me luck? I'm thinking sleep is a way away yet.